Our Code of Conduct

  • All people shall behave themselves in such a manner as to not bring discredit or dishonor upon themselves, the QCS Team, The Queen Bee or other guests.
  • All participants, spectators, guests and QCS Team shall be treated with all due dignity and respect.
  • People are responsible for the conduct of their friends, visitors, pets and children.
  • Be respectful of people’s space and property. Ask before handling someone else's props or costuming. Some props can be fragile, and it’s just basic respect to ask someone before touching their property.
  • Any potential hazardous accessories should be cleared with the Queen Bee or the QCS Team. Most events require weaponry to have “peace ties” or “safety tape” for identification. If there are going to be real or potentially dangerous weaponry at an event, please get approval beforehand. 
  • Personal conflicts between anyone will be dealt with outside of an event or venue, with the exception being dangers to life/health of spectators and guests. “What happens in real life, stays in real life.” Mediators will be provided should they be requested to help with conflicts. Openness and communication are welcomed.
  • Gatekeeping will not be tolerated. Steampunk is what each individual wishes it to be for them. What Steampunk means to one person, can be completely different for another, and it is important for everyone to respect that. 
  • Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may be grounds for corrective action, at the discretion of the Captain and the Crew, up to and including discharge from the Caduceus. The severity of the issue will determine which steps will be appropriate. 
  • Use common sense, enjoy, have fun and be safe! The purpose of Queen City Steam is to build friendships, learn new skills, go on adventures and have a good time together! If we can remember that it’s all in fun, there should not be problems adhering to the rules.